REVIEW / Gleaner Heights (PC) – That Videogame Blog

Originally published on That Videogame Blog on March 21st, 2018

Sermon on the mountaintop

I’d like to think it’s common sense that if you go into a game expecting it to be exactly like another of its kind, you should also expect to be disappointed. This had me worried for Gleaner Heights, which has been compared in numerous reviews to Stardew Valley. But for those of you considering Gleaner Heights as your next farming time-sink, I have good news: it is not a Stardew Valley clone. While it might bear some surface similarities to other farming simulators, trying to compare it to a pre-existing game is just setting it up to fail. There are huge facets that are singularly unique, for better or worse, which help to make Gleaner Heights a game in a category all its own.

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