REVIEW / Minit (PC) – That Videogame Blog

Originally published @ That Videogame Blog on April 23rd, 2018


If Phil Connors died every 60 seconds, only to wake up again the next day to the sounds of Sonny & Cher blaring on the radio, Groundhog Day wouldn’t be a very good movie. But Minit does just that, minus the “I’ve got you babe’s” and the self-improvement plotline and it manages to be a refreshing, if short, addition to the adventure game roster. From publisher Devolver Digital, and developed by Jan Willem NijmanKitty CalisJukio Kallio and Dominik JohannMinit puts you in the unfortunate shoes of a duck billed adventurer, who happens upon a cursed sword that kills him every 60 seconds. Players must navigate Minit’s stark, monochromatic landscape, searching for the factory that is producing these swords en masse in hopes of shutting them down, lest any more of the whimsical denizens of the world fall prey to its sinister magic.

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