REVIEW / The Librarian (PC) – RETRONUKE

Originally published @ RETRONUKE on April 29th, 2018


Upon booting up The Librarian, the single person project of developer Octavi Navarro, you are immediately swept up by the sounds of a crackling fire, howling wind and the simple message: “To my dad.” Right out of the gate, this short point-and-click puzzler verges on eulogistic. The care that went into the creation of this game rolls from the screen damn near palpably, and because of this I want to approach The Librarian with a careful touch. I may not know the exact sentiment Octavi instilled it with, and I will probably never grasp the reality of what it means to them, but I get the feeling as I play it that I’m not supposed to. It’s not for me. Instead, The Librarian feels like a piece of art therapy, someone else’s emotional reality sprawled out on a computer screen that I’ve been invited to peruse almost voyeuristically.

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